Welcome! You are creative. A Creative. A Creative Artist.

Inspirational. Talented. Successful.

You are accomplished in your creative field. If you are at the top of your game, where do you go from there? Maybe no one knows what you're going through behind the scenes, backstage or at home because you don't share your insecurities, your doubts or fears.

Or dreams.

You think you can't really be thriving and happy or have real peace of mind as an artist. Not true.

Maybe you're afraid, or stuck, or exhausted: physically, mentally or spiritually: you don't have to be not one minute longer. 

 Can't wait to make the leap but still standing at the precipice of your dream?  Are you wanting to change your life(style) but you don't know how? Do you need a break(through)?

How does that happen?

My name is Lee Ann Roberts-Vermeulen: musician, songwriter, and performing artist since the age of 7. Music has taken me all over the world and inspired hundreds of songs, one of which was awarded with a gold record. I am also an mixed-media abstract artist and a published author. A museum geek and a foodie. A nature lover and tree hugger. I get excited by the arts in all their glorious expressions. *sigh*

My mission is to help creative artists, like you, reach their goals.   You and I can work together and your life will change.

Let's talk and you will find out for yourself how powerful you really are.

You are here to create what others can't, and make this world better for it.  If you want to know more, please mail me: leeann@thecreativescoach.com 

Listen to our sacred soundscape for meditative moments, to create, work or play by: enjoy!

Hanne: musician

Anita: abstract artist

Anita"Lee Ann is the real deal and non-judgemental. She helped me believe in myself as an artist and encouraged me to connect with other artists and a mentor. A year later I had my first exhibit and sold 4 paintings for the first time in my life! Her input has been, to say the least, invaluable" Anita Valk - visual artist levkaart.nl The Netherlands.

Melynda: singer / songwriter

Alianna: author / speaker

Alianna"I am the author of Aspies Don't Lie and Autism Island. These books have been published because of Lee Ann's help. I had an idea for a book but I didn't know how to get my book published. A year later my book is in it's second printing all because she helped me make the right connections and see the big picture. Fantastic! ". Alianna Dijkstra - author

Lee Ann Vermeulen, The Creatives Coach

You are not alone!

Are you tired of trying to figure out alone how to live a successful creative life?

  • You have way too many ideas and don't know which to choose or how to start
  • You live inside your head and that's not a happy place right now
  • You're frustrated, uninspired, and disconnected
  • You let others decide for you and keep regretting it

You can also decide to do something different from now on: I know what you are going through and how it feels to be stuck, frustrated and defeated.

I also know that there IS A WAY out of that vicious circle and I can show you how to BREAK FREE and get energized about what you LOVE to DO.

With over 30 years of experience as a musician, songwriter, choir director, performer and producer in the United States and Europe, I help others make major breakthroughs in their creative biz, like Melynda Milman in New YorkHanne de Vries in London, and  Elizabeth Daniel in Belgium.

Empowering creative artists to become successful entrepreneurs is my passion and my practice. You are not alone in trying to get that all elusive muse to fall in love with your business brain. I

I've worked with musicians, artists, authors, speakers, media makers, designers, and fashionistas. Join me and become confident about the decisions you have to make, what path to choose, what next big project to SLAY.

I have and know the creative spirit and how artists feel about their work. I have mentored, coached, directed and worked with creatives from all artistic backgrounds, in business for themselves, or as partners/employees in other businesses, schools or organizations. Let's work together, maybe you can even start right now.