Lee AnnCreative Success: what does that mean to you as an artistic creative?

You are creative and have a lot of ideas.
Your passion for possibility overwhelms you.
You have a terrible time choosing priorities and putting those ideas into practice.
You get stuck in the details or obsess about the results.
You underestimate your personal strengths and compare yourself to everyone else.
You are not conscious of your intrinsic worth.
You end up giving up.

You can overcome these obstacles by joining Lee Ann in her 1-on-1 coaching.
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Creative Success for your organization: what will that mean?

I have had the privilege to work with many numerous and different kinds of organizations in the non-profit sector and where music and art are being made professionally.
I love to workshop with people who are looking for new ways to solve their problems and new ways to see themselves and their jobs!

Can’t sing? Dance? Act? OH YES YOU CAN

Workshops are tailor made to your group: these can include

  • The 10 Commandments for successful entrepreneurs
  • Songwriting workshops for non-musician groups (write your own theme song!)
  • On- and offline ways to promote your organization and love doing it
  • Going pro with your creativity
  • Ask Lee Ann how she can help your organization move up and forward

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My personal road to Creative Success to inspire your team and business

I’ve been able to speak for churches, organizations, schools and NGO’s about how I have become a self-sustainable entrepreneur and artistic creative in a foreign country while raising kids and learning to navigate in a new culture. I will not spare myself which gives my listeners a lot to laugh about.
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