How do you turn your creative ideas into a workable plan of action?

image025How can you motivate yourself to make the changes neccessary for crative success?

With my workshop ‘ The 10 Commandments for Creatives’ you will be inspired with new and practical insights for your organisation, company, school or collective.

Lee Ann has been a teacher and coach for over 40 years at all educational levels (from kindergarten to University), in different countries and cultures (USA, UK, Europe, Asia, South America), and for diverse organizations (schools, churches, businesses, NGO’s).

She has reached thousands of people with her contagious enthousiasm and down to earth message of self-empowerment. Her years of experience on the stage entertaining and engaging an audience enables her to connect and interact with her audience.

“When you laugh, you learn. And retaining information increases as you have more fun and are physically involved in the learning process. I am a typical artistic creative: I have ants in my pants and when I sit in the audience I want to be part of the show. Music, humor, and movement get the creative juices flowing and set the dynamic for learning at its best.”

  • Get unstuck and get energized.
  • Reframe your mindset.
  • Increase opportunity awareness.
  • Become possibility oriented.
  • Create a new empowering environment.
  • Have more fun.

I speak from personal experience and of the reality of being an artistic creative and how to move through and overcome the stumbling blocks of fear and failure. I love to connect with people and my workshops are interactive, fun and dynamic. My presentations are peppered with real life anecdotes, blunders and bloopers, practical solutions and “a-ha” moments.

Contact me and let me know how I can make your event an experience of inspiration, connection, and conscious creativity. I am currently available for bookings for 2015-2016.

My personal phonenumber: 06-41770400

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