High Fives for my clients! They are amazing people, just like you:

Check out these videos and quotes my clients taped/wrote for me: let me say for the record that they are amazing people, every one of them!

Men and women ages 18 to 60+  from diverse backgrounds, cultures and countries, but they all have one thing in common: they wanted to realize their creative potential and needed help in doing so.

Melynda Milman – New York / The Netherlands

This is Melynda Milman from New York, as a teenager she had gone to school at the New York Academy of Fine Arts aka the Fame School, taking part in NY’s City Kids that performed with major stars.

Years later she moved to Europe where she met her husband and became a writer for a major banking firm. After the sudden death of her husband 2 years ago, she wanted to write and record an album of what she had experienced. We worked together for almost a year: 10 months later she held her release concert of “Aftermath” and has more creative plans for the future!

Help with pricing, products, performance and promotion

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a lot ot teachers too. Being an independent instructor in the arts can be daunting if you don’t know how to set up your business properly.

Several of my clients need help with branding, product selection and pricing. Lots of them also are artists in their own right, performing in groups that also needed help with their fees, website presence and marketing.

Kathy Spaargaren“Before I met Lee Ann I didn’t think I was worth charging enough for my services. I felt small and acted accordingly.

Lee Ann helped me take steps to professionalize my image and boosted my confidence which has led me to raise my rates and increase my earning power. I am so grateful for this wise woman!”

Kathy Spaargaren – musician, piano teacher, songwriter, wedding singer

Don’t know what to do to get your book written and published?

There are so many ways to publishing your book, here’s a couple stories of authors I have been able to help. Now they are not only authors, they are speakers too!

marc angenent“Thanks to Lee Ann’s professional guidance, I’ve been able to write and get my very first book published (“Zintimiteit”, Royal Jongbloed Publishing, NL)!

Her coaching was always to the point, enthusiastic and challenging.

Thank you Lee Ann for the wonderful, tangible results!”  

Marc Angenent, De Passiecoach Nederland: author, speaker, webshop owner.


Alianna“I had an idea for a book but didn’t know how to go about getting it published. Lee Ann helped me form my ideas into a book, write a pitch and contact a publisher. Now my book is in 2nd printing and I’ve written my 2nd book and working on a third! All of this because Lee Ann helped me – fantastic!”

Alianna Dijkstra – speaker, journalist and author of “Autisten Liegen Niet” and “Autisteneiland”

You know you need a change – but WHAT and HOW?

I am a firm believer in getting help where we need it: I’ve hired a business coach,a personal trainer, joined a running group and followed several painting workshops, to name a few. Each one helped me in ways I could have NEVER done on my own.

Having been an creative entrepreneur for more than 30 years, I understand the artistic mind and spirit, and how our divine talents that allow us to fly can turn into demons that haunt us if we don’t know how to harness all that creative juice.  

Denise Rosborough of Barazina Youth Choirs UK

Do you want to take your career to a new level?

Here’s a young man who started out by financing his own EP and playing Sunday services at a campground every summer. A couple years later he is now a full time musician and songwriter with 2 albums and an EP under his belt and has played in stadiums for 50,000 young people as a worship leader.

Hanne de Vries, guitarist, songwriter, worship leader

WHAT, WHERE, HOW do you start?

Some clients know where they want to start. Most clients don’t even know that, they just know that something has to CHANGE. I love art, paint in my free time and love helping visual artists get their business going where they want it to go.

I help them figure out the Why and the How to what they WANT.

margriet wagner“For the 6 months that I have followed Lee Ann’s coaching, thanks to her I have rediscovered my self esteem as an artist and strengthened my creative skills on every level. Now I’m good to go, but in the difficlut times I’ll hear her say “You can do it, Margriet!” I can say with my heart and soul that I have valuable creative talents and am able to spread love, beauty and great vibes.”

Margriet Wagner – visual artist, designer and healer

When people ask me about my work, I talk with genuine admiration of my clients and display them proudly here

Look at their faces, listen to their voices and read their words describing their creative adventure – I can imagine that you want to be one of THOSE people, right?

They all have other common denominators:  their desire to experience freedom in their creativity, to maximize their talents to their full potential, and to be happy entrepreneurs. They determine what success means to them and take responsibility for their progress.

adam dekker“Lee Ann’s manner of communication is clear and direct, she knows to ask the right questions and she helps you keep focused on what is important. She has the ability to go deep as well as being concrete in taking the necessary steps to move ahead. Her professionalism,  personal interest and genuine enthousiasm are unique.”

Adam Dekker- singer/songwriter, vocal coach and producer  

Do you want to see your video, quote or photo on this page?

Some day you could see your video or quote on this page and sharing your successes with other like-minded creatives. Wouldn’t that feel GREAT? It’s totally do-able and there are ways to figure anything out.

Hiring a coach to work with you is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. If this resonates with you, find out  more about how we can work together towards your creative success.