lee-web-110Does any of this sound like you?

  • You are creative and have a lot of ideas.
  • Your passion for possibility overwhelms you.
  • You have a terrible time choosing priorities and putting those ideas into practice.
  • You get stuck in the details or obsess about the results.
  • You underestimate your personal strengths and compare yourself to everyone else.
  • You are not conscious of your intrinsic worth.
  • You end up giving up.

Will personal coaching get you the results you want?

Every creative artist I know is at a different place/level in their pursuits, artistic or business-wise.

In addition to the workshops and on-line trainings I will be offering this year, I will continue to work with a limited number of clients 1-on-1.

These sessions give by far the most transformational results and are make all the challenges we all face when “upping our game” much more enjoyable.

Lee Ann1-on-1 Personal Coaching 6-12 months: includes:

  • 6-12 1-on-1 75 minute long personal coaching sessions
  • unlimited email access
  • monthly tasks and updates
  • initial comprehensive assessment and final road map for success
  • lifelong membership to The Creatives Tribe
  • free subscription to Weekly Podcast “10,000 Hours in 1,000 Seconds”

Tell me more!

1-on-1 1x Professional Assessment includes:

  • Initial professional assessment
  • 90 minute coaching session
  • Follow-up road map to success

Tell me more!

How do you know coaching is right for you: how about a FREE start-up session?

So far, so good, right?

You want to invest in yourself, and do it wisely. No one wants you to waste your time and money.

So you can make an appointment with me for a FREE ‘start-up session’.

Share with me what you need. How you’re feeling. What you’re missing. How I can help you. Let’s explore how we can work on that together, you can even start here:

Personal coaching will be hour-long sessions over the phone (Skype/Google Hangout) or in person if local. These sessions always include follow-up notes that outline everything we talked about – including actions steps (To-Dos) and timeline.

What if I don’t know where to start?

Personal coaching starts out with a session including a comprehensive assessment of where you are now and where you want to be: artistically, financially, emotionally, professionally.

Each following session is tailored to your needs, desires, and goals. We look at mind-set and follow-throughs when working together. Our intention is to clear anything up preventing you from moving forward, and come up with strategies and solutions to help you achieve your desired outcome.

The ultimate goal is to empower you and build your artistic and professional confidence.

What kinds of things have you helped people with?

Lots of things, including:

  • setting up social media pages
  • creating comprehensive marketing plansconceiving more pathways to receive money
  • making healthy decisions on your work/family/artistic/social life balance
  • releasing limited thinking to open up to greater possibility
  • breaking down big ideas into manageable action steps
  • creating copy for web pages, press releases, promotions
  • researching and resourcing marketing materials
  • providing a safe place to express and release artistic fears
  • getting your creative work more visible online and offline
  • planning projects, book launches, album releases, concert tours and expositions
  • celebrating the successes and milestones along the way
  • promoting and pricing services and products without FEAR
  • negotiating higher fees and better conditions for your live gigs
  • advice on networking and business building that fits YOU
  • sharing breakthrough moments and seeing the magic happen!

I will use everything in my arsenal of education, experience and expertise to help you succeed, so if you want to dive right in, get started now!

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