5 Signs That Tell You You’re Going Somewhere

Going places quote5 Signs You Are Going Places



I bought a graduation card recently for my nephew who is graduating from University this month. The front of the card had an illustration of a tall stack of books and it read in big capital letters: “YOURE OUTTA HERE!!”

I know the card meant “you’re outta school”, but I bought it because I knew my nephew is not only graduating, he’s also moving out of California to go live in New York and start a whole new phase of his life. He’ll turn 26 later this summer and he is talented and smart and just getting started!

I wrote him how proud I am of him and that he was ‘going places’: American-English for ‘you will be successful’. I know as a coach for creatives of ages 18-60+, we all want to be ‘going places’: moving ahead, up, out, in motion. Creatives are the most unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives when they are standing still.

One of the number 1 limiting beliefs that I hear from the creatives I work with is that they are ‘too old’ or ‘getting too old’ or ‘afraid of getting/being too old’, etc. The 20-somethings have just as much of a problem with this as anyone. Years of social media and constant public comparison is killing for an objective conclusion of your own situation. And age has nothing to do with it.

For example, I can compare myself to all the other coaches in the coaching industry and immediately conclude that most of them have a) more money b) more clients c) better business practices d) are at least 20 years younger…I could go on. But none of these conclusions are based on facts and are not valid ‘reasons’ for me to stop doing what I love to do: coach creatives and break into the on-line business of inspirational education. If I want to be going places, there are things I (yes, YOU) need to do. I want to be on that road, and got the pedal to the metal as we speak:

So, how do you know if YOU are going places, i.e., on the road to success? Here are 5 signs:

1. First of all, to get somewhere, you gotta leave somewhere. What do you have to LEAVE behind you to get where you want to go? Your COMFORT ZONE. All the magic happens OUTSIDE of your comfort zone, you know. Where and what else do you think you need to leave to get where you want to go? It can be an internal journey like leaving limiting beliefs behind, or it could literally be leaving a job or relationship you are unhappy with.

Leaving = going places.

2. You need to literally get into motion, and motion is lotion. So if you feel stuck, one of the best ways to jump-start change is to change your activity habits. For example, I know I am getting into a rut when I go from the computer, to my phone to the television without getting outdoors and moving around. What do you have to do to get yourself moving more? This one small change can actually spark other small changes that eventually will have larger, positive consequences.

Motion = going places.

3. You are challenging your status quo: the Dutch have a saying that ‘standing still is going backwards’: that’s certainly going places, but in the wrong direction. No one wants to go back to Egypt and neither do you. Many creatives I meet are stuck in the past and think the past is still serving them. Serving them a big pile of hot and steamy dog doo, that’s what. That kind of waste needs to be picked up and thrown in the garbage. Going places means moving on and upward, or forward, and that will happen when you are tired of being in the same place shoveling shit all the time.

Challenges = going places

4. You are changing your habits: change is a constant, like death and taxes. Nature thrives on change, and we love the seasons because of it. Not every day will be the same, embrace the change and you will definitely be going places because of it. We are inherently afraid of change because we can’t predict the future, can we? Can you? I don’t think so. Embrace change, change your habits to become more flexible in facing life’s challenges. Change is not bad, it is a good thing. Did I say embrace change?

Change = going places

5. Like the graduation card says: ‘YOU’RE OUTTA HERE!’ I mean move. Literally. For example, move your home address, or office space, your physical surroundings. Take a one day/weekend/month vacation or a yearly sabbatical. Do it before you get so depressed or burnt out that your body lays you flat on your back and you can’t literally move anymore. There is nothing like a new place to work, play, live, holiday, visit that will inspire you and refresh you. New things to see, new things to do. New people to meet. Go and get out there! Even if it’s for a few hours.

Moving = going places

My nephew is DEFINITELY going places: he is moving, changing, challenging, in motion and leaving his parental home to find his fame and fortune in New York City. What an inspiration! If he can, we can.

What will YOU DO to go places? If you need help to figure that out, you can send me an email right now to leeann@thecreativescoach.com I’d love to hear from you!