Focus is fantastic: where can I buy it?


Peaceful-bright-sky-Wonderful-beach-scenery-Ripple-ocean-water-Shiny-cloudsIn the past 30 years tof being a creative professional,

I have always had trouble with an answer to this question:
“What are you doing?”

People I knew, did not know, family members, it did not matter.
I ALWAYS felt uncomfortable if I had to give an answer to this question.
And yet this is a very important question to ask yourself.

Do not wait until someone asks you and then, like me,
with a mouth full of teeth stand there and splutter and stammer.
Bla bla bla.
Way too long of an answer.
Uncomfortable silence.
Boring or completely incoherent.

You want to be a successful creative, right?
I heard that you always had to focus on one thing, if you want to be successful.
I could not.
And by reading a lot about other creatives,
I noticed that they too often had multiple creative talents.
Look them up: from the Dutch painters of the Golden Age to rock musicians,
writers, media makers, designers, I found that we all have something in common:

We are creative and that cannot be captured in a single discipline!
I once read that comedians always want to be actors,
actors want to be musicians,
and musicians, well, they think they’re funny.

What are you doing? How do you start?
Do you have different passions that you follow?
You walk around with all kinds of ideas that control your thoughts but do not become reality?
Think one day, “I want this:, and the next day,’
“No, what about that?”

One problem we have as creatives is that we live in our own head.
There are everyday things you demand attention:
Home, family, work, a job or assignment that demands our attention.

And then you hear that you need to “focus”.
Doesn’t sound easy, maybe difficult.
But impossible?
Focus, where can I buy it?

I have a guaranteed way to transform the concept of ‘focus’ into a reality.
Even though I have several things ‘on my plate’, this has always helped me,
and I know that many creatives are struggling with this.

My recipe for focus is three-fold:
1.Write it down.
2.Do it.

1. By writing it down you get it out of your head and onto the paper or document.

2. By doing something instead of mulling it around in your head over and over until your overwhelmed and don’t know where to start and…

3. Repeat the process and kill the dragon of procrastination and help you muse actually inspire you.

Focus = action.

The key is to make your do steps actually doable.

Why do most creatives get stuck?
What about you?
Do you have many good ideas but don’t know where to start?
Are you stuck in a rut and can’t get yourself motivated?

Tell me your story.
Focus = action is just one key in your creative process.
And that process leads to success.
Choose to get yourself moving, take action, get help if you need it!

Feel free to let me know where you are struggling with it, because:

We can all learn from each other – and –
do not underestimate your value because creatives make the world more beautiful for everyone!

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Lee Ann