Here is why being stuck is scarier than change:


stuckHere it is 2015 and I feel like I’m still recovering from 2013.

In the spring of 2013 I was diagnosed with burnout.

My crisis was an implosion of the epic kind.
I felt stuck and hopeless.

Useless, worn out, cynical, lifeless.
Rampaging mental/physical/spiritual exhaustion.
I was totally STUCK.
I was paralyzed with fear.
I was afraid that I was OUT.
Being stuck takes all the human-ness out of you.
Your soul is empty and your brain doesn’t work.
Even your body is too tired to move.

Reviving from burnout is a process that will not be rushed.
I had to let go (relationships, habits, beliefs and fears).
I had to be patient (with myself, others, the world, life, ugh).
I learned a lot (way more that I can explain here).

I spent the remainder of 2013 and most of 2014 in a self-imposed holding pattern.

By the fall of 2014 I was ready to start a new business and proceeded very, very carefully.
I researched, got counseling, went to school, and hired a business coach.
I don’t see change as something scary anymore. Stuck is scary. Brrrr.

Now it is 2015 and I am still extremely cautious of how I spend my time and energy.
I am changing my thinking, and my thinking is changing my actions.
My actions are becoming habits and practices.
My life is slowly but surely changing, and I have hope again.
When you move, you change. I am moving again.

When we stop resisting, we start adapting.
What I can change is my approach to and how I think about my circumstances.
I share with others and benefit from advice givers and wise counselors.
I ask for help when I need it. I pay it forward when I can.

I love my job. I take it slow with my new practice, and pick my clients very carefully.
Together we are a partnership for happiness and success.
They benefit from my experience, my skills, and especially, my mistakes.
They are thriving, and that fills me with joy.

I love working with creative people.
I know how they think and what they go through.
And I can help them change their thinking, their actions, and habits.
We move together.

They are happier for it. Stronger. More successful.
We are so afraid of change, but change is inevitable.
Change may make us anxious, but there is hope in change.
Being stuck is downright HORRIFYING.
Creatives know that better than anybody.
Here’s to change in 2015!